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Often, every customer's are asking us. “What is mean of Raycrew??”Oh yes, we answer! Raycrew's “Ray” is like a neither a Manta Ray nor Eagle Ray. and It is not a meaning as creatures. It is meaning such a“Ray, Sunlight, Brightness, Inspiration,”We strongly hope that a Ray reach to all things. like a “all of the people, all of the nature, all of the thing” In the inside of the flag which imagined the crew. Coral, Plants, Animal, Wind, Water are basking in much ray.
We really hope that you will find your stay in Marshall Islands enjoyable and wonderful.

Kommol tata = Thank you very much! in Marshallese words.


Flame Tree

A small Impression always in your heart!
We believe that the tour has many encounters and can find many new world.
And people able to it experience excitement they do not feel in there daily lives. Raycrew Dive is based on the Marshall Islands, and we offering you that
Diving tour, Nature tour, Snorkeling tour. We would like you to sympathize with natural nature wonderfulness and As many people as want to love to nature!
This is our Concept.


Marshall Islands Resort

P.O Box 4172 Majuro,MH 96960 Marshall Islands 
Via Hotel (Marshall Islands Resort) 692-625-2525 (Extension Room #141)
Email: info@raycrew.jp
Web: www.raycrew.jp
Our located is Marshall Islands Resort(MIR) Room #141! next to the Restaurant!
We are starting every time at MIR dock and also we are coming back to here!
and we have a original stamp, dive site map, etc! welcome to our shop anytime!

Scuba Diving


Enjoy Dive !

As you know, Marshall Islands were made by a coral reef. we called “Atoll”. As atoll diving style that you can enjoy three diving types! one, Ocean side. second, Channel. third, Lagoon. Every dive area you dive there, You may feel Amazing Coral Reef and visibility! Let's enjoy!

:: When you dive before please show us your Certificate Card. Of course, any diving certification agency accept!
:: 2 Tanks boat diving: $150.00
(Including, Course guide, Weight, Weight belt)

What kind of sea?

Corals of the Ocean side

The feature of the sea in the Marshall Islands are like a primeval jungle of the coral! Those many corals are unbleached and are extremely active! We also have some of the best and most varied diving in the Marshall Islands! white tip and gray reef and black tip reef sharks, manta rays, several wrecks and reefs, drop off dives, beautiful coral gardens, and amazing macro! and 250 species of hard and soft coral and over 1000 species fish! You can enjoy many types of diving!


Bigeye Trevally

Our diving policy is...
“Not spoiling natural original environment”and would like you to go dive with us.
“Prohibit to feeding”
“For Corals are Doesn't touch, Doesn't kick, Doesn't break ”
“We are trying to encourage people to without carrying out glove wear.
These are not regulated for restricting a diver. It is because it thinks that they are minimum manners which must be done in order to leave the environment where diving can be enjoyed everlastingly rather.

How about a best season?


Marshall Islands are always Best Season!

Marshall Islands are almost no change of around 28 ℃ and temperature through one year. also water temperature is around 29 ℃! very mild! but sometimes rain. so you should bring a wetsuit or hood vest or lash guard! and Majuro atoll is close to the equator, so you are felt quite strong from direct rays. so you don't forget sunscreen!!

Time schedule

Diving makes a smile!

9:00(meeting at shop) → 9:30(ETD) → 12:30(2nd dive finish) → Lunch → (If you want to go Extra dive) 3:00pm(3rd dive finish) → 4:00pm (ETA)

We decide on the specific site we will be diving on the actual dive day. This keeps us flexible and gives us an idea of what the best weather conditions are and what everyone on the boat would prefer to do.

Of course you can choices two tanks or three tanks dive! (If you two tanks dive we will be coming back to dock around 2:00pm)

Short Movie

Raycrew Video Channel

About Safety

I'm OK!!!

We are always thinking about “Safety First!
We consider safety and need to choose the best dive site on the day, and since change of the tour by sudden change of the weather etc. Arise according to a situation, please understand.
and now, diving computer is must be you take and you have to check to see decompression time yourself!and sometimes quite strong some channel site, so you should bring a float item! and prevent from decompression sickness so you should drinking water before you dive! Once again, always “Safety First!”
※Notice※ If you have a some chronic diseases or you are taking medications on a regular basis, you should consult your doctor and must be bring a medical certification. Medical StatementPDFファイル

Dives in Arno Atoll


Arno atoll located is east about 11mile(20km) from far away Majuro atoll. It takes about 40-70min by boat. some people living this island but there is very simpleness. no hotel,no restaurant,no supermarket... so that means! there is still untouched nature! You can felt very different situation to Majuro. and day trip is usual, but if you want to stay there! of course you can stay in Arno! diving features are beautiful and colorful coral reefs! also visibility is perfect! and you can encounter a dolphins!

:: Arno Atoll Trip Fee: $35.00/a Day/Per
:: Arno Atoll North・South Trip Fee: $50.00/a Day/Per


Price List
NOTICEI'm sorry for We only accept US$ Cash. don't use any Credit Card now.

Cancel Policy

The following cancellation policies are strictly adhered to for the consideration of the other guests, passengers and crew. Please notice that In case of your personal reasons.

:: Cancellation with less than 2 days prior and after 12:00pm the scheduled trip – 50% of total fee
:: Cancellation with less than 1 day prior and after 12:00pm the scheduled tripe – 100% of total fee



Please contact us to Email: info@raycrew.jp

A Paradise Within Your Reach