Scuba diving is one of the Marshall Islands most famous activity. It is the 250 plus species of hard and soft coral and over 1,000 species of fish with spectacular underwater visibility, it’s no wonder the Marshall Islands are gaining popularity as a great scuba diving destination. Water temperature: 81-85F (27-29°) all year around.

Divers can enjoy breathtaking “Drop-offs wall”, “Coral pinnacles”, “Channels”, “Wrecks” and “Beautiful coral garden”. Certain dive spots are abundant with fast moving pelagic schools, while others boast rich varieties of hard or soft coral.

Raycrew divers are professional in terms of diving. We know all the best dive sites and still working on to discover more. Please note that dive locations depend on the availability and weather.  Each trip is planned based on local conditions, the seasons and our years of experience.

Note: Please show me the your C-card before diving tour. We can’t find except PADI certified diver on database.


Scuba diving means rising to new challenges. It’s one of those rare activities that delivers adrenaline and intensity, or serenity and peace. Please do not worry, We assist all the time in a your side. You will want to surely get a license.


It feels strange the first time. Your mask. Your awkward gear, a bit heavy, You ease into the water and your face slips below the surface. Inhale; the air comes with a reassuring hiss, and for the first time, you breathe underwater. In moments, you forget your mask. your equipment transforms to light and agile, and you’re free like you’ve never experienced before. With that first underwater breath, the door opens to a different world. Not a world apart, but different nonetheless. Go through that door, Your life will never be the same! (PADI)


The safety of our guests is our out most priority. Our guides on board give thorough briefing before each dive and in certain areas. Dive vessels are equipped with a first-aid kit along with a ship to shore radio/telephone and GPS. All divers are given the use of personal dive safety equipment. Some guidelines are as follows:

  • Please dive carefully controlling your buoyancy at all times in order to protect the corals and not to cause disturbance to some amazing creatures as possible and also remain safe while doing so.
  • Please do not pick-up live shells or corals from the sea.
  • Please refrain from going in other nearby islands without asking the tour guides to avoid any unforeseen incidents.
  • Ministry of Marine Resources has imposed all forms of fishing for any species of sharks. As divers we contribute to marine awareness and conservation schemes.


  • For travelers interested to go diving we require DIVER certification and medical clearance.
  • You can bring your own dive equipment, aqua socks, underwater camera, plenty sunscreens lotion.
  • Please check this ⇒  PADI Medical Check Form


If you need to rent/hire any of the diving equipment, please advise us prior to your departure from your place, otherwise we cannot guarantee that said equipment will be available for you on arrival to the Marshall Islands. Please also note that we have wetsuits available for rental but make sure you have your own reserve as we don’t know exactly if our stocks perfectly fit for you.  Tank valve type ” YORK ”

Get ready! Now it’s your chance..
As we welcome you to witness wonders of the Islands!! A Priceless Serenity…