Prices (US$) / All prices are daily and per person


Regulator $ 15.00 SCUBAPRO
BCD (Not AIR2) $ 15.00 SCUBAPRO / XS. S. M. L. XL
Snorkeling equipment (Set) $ 20.00 Mask, Snorkel, Boots, Fins / $5.00/each
Wet Suits No service
:: Dive Computer :: No service (Please check below)
Safety marker float Buoy $ 5.00
Scuba Tank $ 10.00 Air (Not Nitrox), YOKE type valve (Not DIN)
Weights / 1 Lbs. $ 1.00 Weight belt $5.00
Safety Life Vest $ 5.00
  • The price is Daily and Per person
  • Equipment rental can only be used on our tours or with our staff. We do not allow you to take out only the Equipment.
  • :: Please use your own dive computer, because different computers use it differently. We recommend using a computer that you are familiar with.
  • Unavailable rental optical lens mask and wide-big size wet suits, please come bring suitable stuff your self!
  • Our cylinder valve type is ” YORK ” if you bring own Regulator. (Not DIN style)
  • We demand the prescribed amount when you lose those gears.


The Marshall Islands has the highest cost in all areas in the US$ region, therefore Scuba dive operations in Majuro are expensive, so in case small number of divers, the per-person rate will be high.  The per-person diving fee is the minimum rate and it need 2 or more divers for using a boat. Please let me know if you have group members.

2 Tanks Boat Diving $ 220.00 Boat fee, 2Tanks, Divemaster, Weight set (Without Rental dive gear fee)
Extra 3rd Dive $ 80.00
Arno Atoll Trip Fee $ 50.00 West area add charge (2pax~)
Refresh diving (certified diver) $ 240.00 Boat fee, 2Tanks, Instructor, Weight set  (Without rental dive gear fee)
Introduction Diving (uncertified diver) $ 240.00 Shallow practice dive + 1 more dive /Include: all dive gear & Boat fee
Single Charge $ 220.00 If you are the only diver that day
  • We need two divers at least on that day for dive operation. If you use the boat alone, we will be charged for 2 persons.
  • Our tank is Air, not Nitrox.
  • Please show me the your C-card before diving tour. We can’t find except PADI certified diver on database. It’s Okay show me it just OW or AOW C-card. We can judge your skills at the preparation stage.
  • Our tank valve type ” YORK “.  It can’t fit “DIN” style regulator on our tanks.
  • Not using Double tanks, and No DECO diving style.
  • Please bring foods or snacks and drinks if you need it.
  • Junior diver are the same price.
  • Plus $30/group/day, if you need pick up & drop at Bikendrik or Eneko Island.


Under Water works $ 780.00 ~ Please check below
  • Moring installation, cage anchor and rope repair.
  • Investigate and photograph damaged areas of sunken or stranded boats and reef.
  • The price is determined by the content of the job, not the number of dives, so please let us know the details in advance. please contact us!


Half day $ 580.00~ 9:00~14:00
Full day $ 830.00~ 9:00~16:30
If you need Professional diver $ 350.00~ 1 Dive Underwater Support
If you need Professional diver $ 450.00~ 2 Dives Underwater Support
If you need Professional diver $ 550.00~ 3 Dives Underwater Support
  • Maximum capacity: 13 passengers (without boat operator, boat crew)
  • Prices vary depending on the purpose of use and location. Please let us know the details.
  • Charter boat price include boat operator only. (Not including any rental gear and dive equipment)
  • The price for this dive support is the price when using a charter boat. The price will be different if you need a only working diver.
  • If you require dive support, please let us know details in advance.
  • Plus $30/group/day, if you need pick up & drop at Bikendrik or Eneko Island.


PADI Open Water Diver (OW) Certification Course $ 780.00 All included (eLearning, Boat fee, All Rental dive gear, Certification)
PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (AOW)  Certification Course $ 750.00 eLearning, Boat fee, 5 dives, Certification (:: without Rental dive gear fee)
  • This is the price for one person when two or more people participate.
  • We available two participants at least. Please contact us if only you.
  • The OW course also includes rental equipment fee. A separate rental equipment fee is required for the Advanced-OW course.
  • The maximum number of participant in the group is 4 (Four participants) at same time.


Boat Snorkeling $ 100.00 If you join with 2 or more divers
Boat Snorkeling Charter $ 480.00 when only 1 ~ 3 Snorkelers use for boat
Only Boat Ride $ 50.00 with Divers or Snorkelers
  • For snorkelers of 4 or more, please see PRIVATE CHARTER BOAT prices.
  • Area covers up to Majuro main channel.
  • Plus $30/group/day, if you need pick up & drop at Bikendrik or Eneko Island.


Bottom Fishing $ – Including hand line gear and fish-bait /
Please contact us
Trolling Boat Charter $ – Arrange the your ideal trolling boat /
Please contact us
Please contact us
  • Rental fishing equipment is hand line type. If you would like to use your own equipment, please bring it.
  • Plus $30/group/day, if you need pick up & drop at Bikendrik or Eneko Island.


  • Sorry for the inconvenience, We only available US $ cash. Payment by credit card is not possible.
  • We are available payment by wire transfer. In that case, a bank fee of $5 will be required.
  • We are available Bank of Guam checks.
  • If you cancel your booking for personal reasons, all tours will not be refunded.
  • Refund will be given if it is not possible to leave the port due to bad weather (storm) or bad conditions.


The following cancellation policies are strictly adhered to for the consideration of the other guests, passengers and crew. Please notice that In case of your personal reasons.

  • Cancellation charge after 06:00 am three days before the tour – 25% of total fee
  • Cancellation charge after 06:00 am two days before the tour – 50% of total fee
  • Cancellation charge after 06:00 am of the tour day before – 100% of total fee