Lagoon area: 373.57 sq miles
Land area: 3.79 sq miles
Population: 856
Households: 138
Density: 226 persons/sq mile

Majuro – Tarawa island airport 180km (113mile) about 35 min by the Air Marshall Islands


WWII battle records
  • Mitsubishi AM6 ” ZERO ” (Japanese aircraft) in Tarawa and Wolot Island
  • SEISHOU MARU (Japanese vessel wreck) in Wolot Island
  • KAIKOU MARU (Japanese vessel wreck) in Wolot Island
  • TERUSHIMA MARU (Japanese vessel wreck) in Tarawa Island
  • Japanese pier in Tarawa and Enekatat Island
  • B-25 (US aircraft) in Jenmanlok Island
  • Japanese Power plant, Fuel tanks, Control tower, Guns,
  • and more..


Kommol tata im Bar loe yok Maloelap Atoll!



Maloelap Atoll Marshall Islands