arno atoll
Arno atoll west side

About 22km east of the capital Majuro, we can reach there 40-50 minutes by boat depends on the sea conditions. It is the closest of the 29 atolls within the Marshall Islands. The island is surrounded by a beautiful sea with very clear water, as the simple local way of life is still maintained.

If you go to Arno atoll, you will be going on the open ocean(ocean-side) rather than the inland sea(lagoon inside), so it may be a little difficult for those who are sensitive to boats/seasickness. So We recommend going when it’s calm.

When normal winds from the northeast, the coral areas on the west side of Arno Atoll are very calm. However, underwater visibility changes depending on the wind direction and tide. and the probability of encountering a spinner dolphin is also very high?..


Arno atoll
at -50m(165ft)

Diving in Arno atoll is mainly on the west side. It is a dive site with beautiful white sand with good visibility and many rare tiny fish, and the drop-off where you can see coral unique to Arno and large sea fan are also attractive. Until a few years ago, we could often see big fish and schools of fish, but unfortunately now we hardly see them near the island(where we can dive). . .You may only encounter reef sharks or eagle ray if lucky. . .

Why do you want to dive in Arno atoll? We receive often request trip to Arno atoll from guest coming to Marshall Islands for the first time. but our recommendation are to spend at least one day diving in Majuro atoll and then diving in Arno atoll to feel the difference.  Of course, if you are focusing solely on Arno atoll, we will introduce you to Arno as long as sea conditions allow!

I have dived at all around Arno atoll, and the underwater scenery is completely different from Majuro. If you are interested in corals, please give it a try. However, like Majuro, the environment has changed over the past few years, and although there has been a lot of damage to the corals, there are still some healthy corals left. or If you are familiar with rare tiny fish and would like want to see or photograph them, Arno atoll is the perfect place for you. This is because the visibility is good, so floating objects are not visible in the image, and you can search for them in shallower areas than Majuro atoll. If you want to see big fish underwater, Majuro atoll is more likely. Therefore, I will not introduce here the photos of large fish and schools of fish that I previously took at Arno atoll. . .


Arno atoll
Arno Arno

Although we can take requests in advance, however, we will decide on a trip to Arno atoll depending on the weather that day. Please note that in the case of strong winds, large swells, westerly winds, or other situations where it would be dangerous to go by diving boat, the trip will not be possible. We always think safety first!!

:: When we trip to Arno atoll, a separate trip fee is required in addition to the regular diving fee or charter boat fee. 

If you will stay overnight in Arno after diving, we can drop you at main Arno dock. However, we do not provide a service that only picks you up and takes you to Arno at a later date. If you only need to be picked up, a charter boat (half day) fee will be charged. and it also depends on the weather. . Alternatively, arrange to return to Majuro on another boat.

Please let us know if you have question about diving or snorkeling in Arno atoll.

Enjoy your dive and snorkeling in Arno atoll!!