Lagoon area: 249.70 sq miles
Land area: 6.15 sq miles
Islands: 92
Population: 1,032
Households: 136
Density: 168 persons/sq mile


Majuro – Mili Island 119km (74mile) about 20 min by the Air Marshall Islands

This is third stay in Mili atoll this time, but this Mili islands is my first time. The heartfull hospitality of the local people was inspiring. And here Mili has a history linked to Japan. Many Japanese soldiers were sacrificed in this Mili Island during the WWII. There are still a lot of traces there. The Japanese war bereaved visit here for memorial worship. And here is a precious Jizo (Photo #7). Jizo is the most popular Buddha in Japan, we can see on the roadside as well as temple. This was set up here by the Japanese in 1980. I feel like a lie when I see a beautiful lagoon, but we should never forget it. It is one of our missions to convey it as a Japanese living in the Marshall Islands. I’m sure of going back to see this beautiful island and local people. And I want to tell this beautiful Mili atoll to many people.

Kommol tata im Bar loe yok Mili Atoll!

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