Lagoon area: 266.34 sq miles
Land area: 4.38 sq miles
Islands: 91
Population: 1,669
Households: 229
Density: 381 persons/sq mile

Majuro – Jaluit airport 225km (137mile) about 35 min by the Air Marshall Islands

Jaluit was the former capital before (Majuro now).  There are electric companies (MEC/Marshalls Energy Company), high schools, small stores, accommodation here, and the new apartment is under construction as well. And the runway will be paved soon. Also, Like Mili atoll many Japanese soldiers were sacrificed in this Jaluit atoll during the WWII. There are still a lot of traces and wrecks there. There are weather stations, telegraph stations, power plants at the time. There are also nature reserves, and many beautiful unique nature remains.

Approximately 45 minutes from the Jaluit airport by the pickup truck. It is the almost southernmost part of the Jaluit Atoll. There was a scene that I did not imagine where we arrived after driving the palm tree road. There was a very beautiful and quiet beach… And many local people’s hospitality is the best directing. 

I want to tell this beautiful Jaluit atoll to many people. And we would like to challenge scuba diving sometime somehow in Jaluit.

Kommol tata im Bar loe yok Jaluit Atoll!





Jaluit, Jabor Jaluit Atoll Marshall Islands